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About Me:

"Thank you for delivering the O2O end-to-end journey (Service Documentations). This work generated interest to optimize frictions and resolve the gaps from cross-functional & cross channel teams (no easy feat). O2O sits in a complex part of the business, and resolution of gaps will have tremendous impact to deliver profitable growth. Your design production expertise are instrumental in our ability galvanize the teams and to create the future of O2O. Thank you!!!"
- JG / Director@Nike 

"Jumping into the O2O service documentation willing to help! She understands our fast timeline + is willing to jump in to help the team. She takes feedback well + immediately actions it! She is a true team player-- bringing positive energy + a willingness to help her teammates! I am super thankful for her proactive approach!"
- NM / Global Project Manager@Nike

"Amazing work driving the O2O experience strategy work for Stores! I have been so impressed by this squad - as a collective and each individual! You are bringing such strong thought leadership, collaboration and consumer-focus to the work. Special shout for all your work on Service Documentation Nicki!" 
- JT / Senior Director@Nike

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