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Picked up running

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I used to hate running. I still remember the trauma of the mile run in high school. But recently, I started running for my health and happiness. I've logged 51.5 miles since April, and I'm still not a fan of running, but I do like it a little bit more.

I love exploring my neighborhood on my runs, and it's inspired me to sketch again. I'm not sure where this running journey will take me, but I'm glad I started.

Created on Aug 23, 2023

Shop, Play, Win. Monopoly

Shop, Play, Win. Monopoly was one of my favorite games in college, my friends would always give me their tickets. However, I was disappointed when it transitioned from a paper board game to a digital app. The user experience was terrible, so I decided to redesign it myself. 

Created in 2020.

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