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October 2020


Personalization shopping in-the app experience.



Problem Statement

Customers were not being made aware of services like Skin Concierge and therefore chose to purchase products elsewhere.

Customers are overlooking services such as Skin Concierge. How can we integrate and promote services while giving consumers value?

Problem Statement
Company Background

Soko Glam is an online marketplace that specializes in Korean beauty products. The company was founded in 2012 by Charlotte Cho and David K. Cho and is considered one of K-Beauty products' biggest providers in the US.

"I believe curation is everything, and the selections we have is unparalleled."

- Charlotte 

Company Background
Project Goals

1. Create a loyal customer base

2. Establish trust and credibility

3. Differentiate from competitors through innovation

4. Use AI to enhance and personalize the shopping experience

Research Method
Research Method

Step 1/ Asking questions.

How to provide value?

1. Customer Interview

2. Market Research Analysis

3. Prototype Testing

4. Persona

5. Information Architecture

Core Customer Needs

Finding what is right for me


Looking for the perfect skincare routine

2/5 top organic searches for Soko Glam is about skincare routine.

Out of 30 comments from the Daily Help and questions section from Oct 9th:

13 people: Looking for recommendations for their skin type concerns

5 people: Looking to help point out bad ingredients.

3 people: Asking how to set up their skincare routine.

3 people: Asking which product is better between products.

I conducted 10 user surveys and 3 user interviews to gather data on customers' needs, motivations, and frustrations to design the app.

These are what they find important:

Staying consistent with the colors, fonts, and design from the website.

Step 2/Doing market research, creating a persona, competitor research, and interviews to find pain points and problems.

Step 3/ What I can do to solve those problems and need? I then prioritize and choose ideas by mapping it out to find ideas that are high feasibility and importance to focus on. 

Step 4/ Putting information together to create the information architecture, designing low-fidelity prototypes, and then put together UI aspects. 

Core Customer Needs

Easy sign-up and personalized process for the home screen.

Account Creations
Hi-Fidelity Mock Up
High-Fidelity Mock Up

From the skin quiz, we then customize the home screen only to display the product that matches the user's skin conditions and requirements.

Search Function

We then customize the home screen from the skin quiz only to display the product that matches the user's skin conditions and requirements.

Skincare Routine w/ AI

When users input their products, the AI will automatically sort products in the right order. It will also let users know what ingredients do not mix.

Out of 10 people, we asked who is currently using Korean skincare in their routine, 9/10 people still do not know how to plan out their skincare routine.

This allows Soko Glam to help and guide new users through AI. 

With AI, we take skin data from similar users with similar skin conditions and problems and then pick out the best possible products. It will also place the products at the right step to increase the effectiveness. 

Web-Mobile vs App Design

Overall, I kept the designs consistent, so customers do not need to learn a new interface.

The share button placement is the same as Amazon's

Similar button placement as the save on Instagram.

Larger font size for readability, and rearrangement for information hierarchy

Quick product info about what kind of skin is this product most suited for.

Users Testing

The feedback we got was really good since it helps users save much time researching products and creating their perfect skincare routine. They especially like the quick dash of information on the product page.

Some users express that they still want to browse and looking at other products. 

Next Steps:

- Further, explore the power of AI.

- Understand how often and when users check the skincare routine. 

- Refining the onboarding process to give the most accurate recommendations

Users Testing

I'm extremely proud of this project; I have been having this problem for years and see that others also do. Creating something out of an idea and creating something that helps people is such an amazing feeling.

If I could change anything, I would love to speak to the employee and the owner of Soko Glam regarding their Skin Concierge concept to have more data and factual evidence.

Thank you for being here, have a great day!

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